Monday, June 14, 2010

GoMacro Owner's Story

Amelia of GoMacro shares her story of her "pause from pain" below.
One of the great memories of my childhood was living on a farm. We had a breathtaking orchard and a beautiful garden where we grew all our own fruits and vegetables. Although the majority of my adult life I lived in an urban environment, I always longed for what I had as a child. I attempted to nurture my love for horticulture in a small garden in front of a six flat, but it was nothing compared to my childhood. When I purchased the farm in the spring of 2000, I never dreamed it would become what it is today. All 120 acres were overgrown with weeds. The weeds were so tall that we didn't even know we had an orchard! But I knew it was someplace special. I saw its potential, in spite of the overgrown weeds and dilapidated barn. We called it Posilippo, which is Greek for "pause from pain" or "medicine for sore eyes". Posillippo had been a place in ancient Italy, located on the hills outside of Naples. Famous for its views, Plato and many other famous philosophers would go there to comtemplate.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, Posillippo became my haven, my "pause from pain." I was in the perfect place for converting to a macrobiotic diet; a diet in which all fruits and vegetables should be homegrown and eaten in season. As my health improved so did my appetite and I craved the sweets I used to eat. I immediately started to experiment with natural sweeteners and the grains and fruits grown on the farm to create macrobiotic desserts. This was the beginning of GoMacro. Who would have ever imagined that this farm we call Posilippo would become the source of not just something beautiful, but something healthy.

Wishing you a long and great life!

Amelia Kirchoff