Monday, January 24, 2011

Ultima Informational Video


Sports Techie talks Ultima Replenisher: the all-day, everyday health drink, with Seth. The Yoga real-time rehyration example after 106 degree heat helps you understand why their formulation concept of using mimimized process carbs with real food, no sugar and minimal salt, will begin replacing electrolytes immediately for instant relief from thirst, cramps and headaches.

Oh and look at that! Seth is wearing a Kicking Horse Coffee shirt! that bugaboo!

Move Over Mrs. Doubtfire, we've got Mrs. Palmer

Remember hilarious Mrs. Doubtfire?

Meet... Mrs. Palmer.

This project is the result of the second COM. Tech Video Challenge of Communications Technology 30 (Grade 12). These challenges are mini-projects assigned to students that correlate with the instructor's specifications. This video challenge is one of the total three that we would encounter throughout the duration of the course. This specific challenge was to create a commercial that is approximately one minute in length and advertised a snack item of your choosing out of the school's vending machines. As another homage to my Grade 11 production studio, "Muppet*Vision Productions", we decided to use the name at the end of the credits.

I decided to chose a baked, sea salt and vinegar flavored pita chip snack called, "Mrs. Palmer's Pantry Pita Chips". Then to present the ad, I thought it would be humorous to create a spin-off of Robin Williams' character, "Mrs. Doubtfire". If you are a Disney enthusiast and listen carefully you will hear a rendition of "It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" from Walt Disney's "Carousel of Progress" and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins", on the background soundtrack.

Find your comfy spot on the sofa, pay close attention to Mrs. Palmer, and for the love of all things heavenly, please grab a paper and pencil so you can copy down this intensive recipe... or Mrs. Palmer will get you!

©2010 WDWRemaker Productions

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Job Posting - Admin Assistant

The Administration Assistant maintains databases of key information that feed the sales team, brand managers, marketing team, operations team and senior management. This position is also responsible for data entry into vendor import portals such as GS1. The main essence of this position is to help consolidate, organize and distribute information.

The Administration Assistant will also aid the marketing team in organizing price changes, brand communications and reports, creating publications such as price lists, etc. Also, this position will assist the sales team in updating all information regarding accounts, commission reports, recalls, forms for accounts, sales binder maintenance, etc.


· Advanced level knowledge of Excel including vlookup

· Very high level of organization

· The ability to multi-task

· The ability to handle many incoming demands and set priorities

· Experience in Simply Accounting or a similar program

· The ability to work with deadlines

· The ability to get a view of a large project and it’s smaller pieces and create logical deadlines

· High level of communication including asking for direction

· The ability to change tasks in the middle without notice to accommodate a more pressing deadline

· Good working knowledge of MS Outlook

· Willing to innovate and make suggestions for more efficient process’

· High level of initiative

· Ability to work independently and in a team

· The ability to work in a fast paced and potentially distracting environment

Other Skills/Abilities

· Experience with sales, marketing or consumer packaged goods would be an asset

· Experience with MS Access would be an asset

How to Apply

Please send resumes and cover letter Attn: Leanne Ward at or fax to (403) 537-5690 by no later than Jan 31, 2011.

Friday, January 14, 2011

popchip fits your new year resolutions

back to school. back to snacking.
snackers everywhere are making popchips part of their healthier—and tastier—new year's resolutions. just ask amy from orlando, who said hello to popchips, and "goodbye to putting taste buds on a diet." and then there's celebrity trainer andrea orbeck, who tells us they're her "get out of jail free card!"

one of jillian michaels' tips for regretting nothing in 2011 is to keep healthier snacks on hand to keep cravings (and guilt) at bay. her go-to snack? popchips, of course. jillian's fellow biggest loser trainer, bob harper, joyfully crunches into the new year too. the country's hottest trainers give self & shape magazines the full scoop.

the life & style pop-arazzi spots courteney cox rocking the latest in snacking accessories: barbeque popchips!

Arayuma Organic Coconut Milk

Arayuma is launching an organic coconut milk sources from small farmers in Sri Lanka.  Product will be available in your local health food stores by the end of February.

Recipes will be coming soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shanghai is Introduced to Saskatoons

Simply Saskatoon brings a little Canadian secret to Shanghai.

Carrots to Your Health

Researchers at St Andrews and Bristol universities studied the relationship between skin colour and attractiveness, and found people with a yellow skin hue were perceived as particularly healthy and attractive, the Grocer magazine reported.

Eating strongly coloured vegetables and fruit such as carrots and plums makes people more attractive, according to a new British study.

Researchers at St Andrews and Bristol universities studied the relationship between skin colour and attractiveness, and found people with a yellow skin hue were perceived as particularly healthy and attractive, the Grocer magazine reported.

They also established for the first time that yellow pigments, or carotenoids, from certain fruit and vegetables played a key role in producing yellowness in skin.

As part of the study, 40 volunteers rated 51 Scottish Caucasian faces for healthiness and attractiveness.

The results will be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour in March, the magazine said.

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