Friday, January 14, 2011

popchip fits your new year resolutions

back to school. back to snacking.
snackers everywhere are making popchips part of their healthier—and tastier—new year's resolutions. just ask amy from orlando, who said hello to popchips, and "goodbye to putting taste buds on a diet." and then there's celebrity trainer andrea orbeck, who tells us they're her "get out of jail free card!"

one of jillian michaels' tips for regretting nothing in 2011 is to keep healthier snacks on hand to keep cravings (and guilt) at bay. her go-to snack? popchips, of course. jillian's fellow biggest loser trainer, bob harper, joyfully crunches into the new year too. the country's hottest trainers give self & shape magazines the full scoop.

the life & style pop-arazzi spots courteney cox rocking the latest in snacking accessories: barbeque popchips!