Friday, April 29, 2011

GoMacro Takes Flight May 1

On May 1, 2011 GoMacro Vegan Macrobiotic snack bars will be available on WestJet flights across North America!

Enjoy a healthy whole grain Tahini Date Gluten Free GoMacro bar on your next flight!

Read the Inspirational rambles of Chere Michelle, one veggie girl trying to live happy and healthy !


Now that’s a Kick Ass Company

Kicking Horse Coffee, oh how I love thee.

We alternate between 2 coffees in our house: Ethical Bean and Kicking Horse. No other coffee graces our home and although we love both companies, we base each weeks purchase on sale price.

Today we received in the mail a gift from Kicking Horse of 2 lbs of Kick Ass Dark Roast and my heart beat just a little faster for this ‘little ‘ol coffee company that stole my heart years ago.’

I was first turned on to this coffee when I managed a small cafe in Calgary near the University and the football stadium (I won’t name names….). I remember the day a cute salesman named Clay wandered in and approached me about possibly selling this new coffee, brewed in a small mountain town called Invermere, BC (since this was my home province the salesman already scored a point and didn’t even know it.) We brewed up a pot in a french press and the rest is history.

I brought in only 1 blend at the time called Three Sisters, for 2 specific reasons. Number one, I opted for a medium roast given my customer base and their tastes, and number 2 because of the name. The Three Sisters are part of a mountain range just outside of Calgary and I knew it would strike a chord in some customers…get them where their heart is.

I never looked back on that day and although I left that cafe a year later, Kicking Horse has always remained very special to me. I love a home grown story…a home grown BC story!

Getting todays parcel in the mail was almost better than Christmas and it restored my faith in big business…Thank you, thank you, thank you Kicking Horse for listening to us and sending us this awesome gift. My Guy and I take our coffee VERY seriously and only drink the best.

I was looking through the pamphlet and discovered 2 coffees I hadn’t tried! Oh. My. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? I thought I knew every Kicking Horse coffee but apparently one called Jumbo Wild is new to me, as is Z-Wrangler. I can’t wait to try these! But alas, first we have a helluva lot of ass kicking to do first.

I love this crazy ride called Life. It truly gets better every single damn day.

Try this damn coffee. I dare ya.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Gluten Free Cookie


Favorite Find: Best Gluten Free Cookie


It seems to be cookie week! HA! Hope you all had a chance to see the Monster Cookie recipe and video!

Since I was at a health expo all weekend, you can only imagine how much food there was to taste. Gluten free is becoming so popular, I can't even tell you how many gluten free cookies, pizza and snacks were there! What's awesome about shows like this, is that you can taste everything, and not waste your money on buying things, only to bring it home and think its gross. We all know that this stuff is NOT cheap!

Of course I don't recommend eating cookies on a regular basis, especially if you are trying to lose weight or maintain. But of course, as I've said many times, I'm all about moderation. I love a good cookie every once in a while!

I can't even tell you how many gluten free cookie brands I tried. Probably about 10. There was definitely a stand out, so I wanted to tell you all about it for "Favorite Find Wednesday!"

Unfortunately, just because these cookies are gluten free, doesn't mean they are carb free, fat free, sugar free and calorie free! Making your own is always the best option as you can control what's in it. But sometimes, I know we're busy, so baking cookies isn't an option and if your wanting a special gluten free treat, I've got your back!


Pasty Pie was the winner of the tastiest gluten free cookie! Don't let the name fool you, they actually don't make pies at all (yet!). They mainly do cookies, brownies and biscotti. Check out the selection on their website.

I don't guarantee everything will be good, as I just tried a couple of their cookies.

Chocolate Chip


This is the chewiest gluten free cookie I've had. If you've ever had a gluten free cookie, you know that they can be super dry, gritty and gross. I don't have the nutritionals (and its not available on their website) so this cookie 'could' have a good amount of sugar and fat in it (probably the case), but ignorance is bliss sometimes! On a positive note, 1 cookie is satisfying. I actually saw a not-so-good review of this cookie on another blog. They said it was dry and crunchy. They must have made major improvements, because the one I tried was chewy!

Snappy Ginger

CookieGinger.jpgI also tried a bite of this cookie. It was good as well, but in my opinion, the chocolate chip was the clear front runner. Then again, I LOVE a good chocolate chip cookie!

Their products are available in Canada and the US, but not everywhere. Check on their site here, to see if they are available near you. Looks like you can also order online.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Read what is going on with Planet Foods sponsored women's cyclist Mical Dyck

So now I'm home, yippeeee....and I have one month to the day to get myself in wicked race shape for the World Cups in Dalby Forest, UK and Offenberg, Germany at the end of May with the Canadian Team. And what to my super duper delight, but a wicked athlete package from Clay at PlanetFoods!!!!!!

I think we need a bigger pantry

I'm so excited to start my day off tomorrow with the best coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee, and fueling training rides with Sharkies and HoneyStinger gels, protein bars, energy chews and the new WAFFLES!!!!

Sharkies (I'm addicted to these from Transrockies)

Protein Bars and Energy Chews

Oh ya!!!! That's right, Waffles!!

Kick Ass Kicking Horse Coffee.....oh soooooo good!!

Thank you so much Clay and Planetfoods for my race season fuel for the season.

For more information on Mical Dyck follow her on her Blog

Friday, April 8, 2011

RUNNERS favorite Waffle? Honey Stinger of course!


Honey Stinger Waffles are featured as a bring along with you boost while running in RUNNERS MAGAZINE this month.