Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weight Maintenance & Breakfast Ideas

Quick Simple Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Weight Target:
1) Have a realistic achievable weight goal for your body type and don't set unrealistic time lines.
2) Eat Breakfast everyday.
3) Watch less TV. Aim for less than 10 hours each week. That includes movies and video games.
4) Slowly change your food and lifestyle habits.
5) Stay physically active for at least 30 minutes each day.
6) Don't weigh yourself too often. It's about feeling good not a number.

Some great breakfast ideas from Planet Foods:
1) Highwood Crossing Granola with yogurt and fresh fruit
2) Quality Bakery Bread smothered in Sunland Peanut Butter
3) Ruth's Hemp Chia Goodness Cereal with added Fruit
4) A Shepherd Gourmet Feta Cheese and spinach omelet
5) PatsyPie's Morning Glory Muffins and a mySmoothie
6) Highwood Crossing Oatmeal, Ruth's Soft Hemp, and Equinox Maple Flakes
7) Don't forget to enjoy these breakfasts with Kicking Horse Coffee, Revolution Tea, Red Espresso, or Vastu Chai.