Friday, May 8, 2009

Favorite Breakfasts from PF Team

How do the PF Team members start their day?

Its called “Fire in the Hole”. Take a slice of bread, cut a whole in it the size of toonie, butter both sides and put it in a frying pan. Then crack an egg in the middle of the bread and cook on each side for a few minutes. Done perfectly it should ooze out yellow goodness once you cut into the centre. Serve this with Highwood Crossing granola mixed with your choice of fresh fruit and yogurt to make this meal a little healthier… ~ Jesse

I make my own granola using Highwood Crossing’s oats (Steel Cut & Old Fashioned Rolled), flax seed and canola oil, with organic cranberries or blueberries along with organic honey from a friend’s farm. I will eat this about three times a week, a batch will last me a month, the other breakfast’s in a typical week would be a GoMacro™ Bar with a mySmoothie, and not to be forgotten each morning start’s with a KHC (Hoodoo or Kick Ass) brewed in a stainless steel French Press coffee maker. ~ Peter

I usually have 1/2 cup Highwood Crossing Sunflower and Flax Granola with either Soy milk or Yogurt. Sometimes I add fruit or will have a My Smoothie; Pomegranate is my favourite. I finish it all with a glass of water with Orange Flavoured Ultima mixed in so I start my day off hydrated. ~ Dana

Highwood Crossing Granola with steamed milk. Yummmmm ~ Leanne

Smoothie style: Crushed ice, vanilla yogurt, banana, fresh spinach, Highwood crossing flax oil, & water. Blend & enjoy. ~ John

Amy's ultimate favorite breakfast is: Fried Egg on Rice
- bowl of cooked, Texmati brown rice
- 1 organic fried egg with about 1/3 cup of egg white added to it.
- sautéed purple onions
- washed, healthy handful of raw cilantro.
- place fried egg on top of brown rice, drizzle with tamari and sesame oil, add sautéed onions and garnish with raw cilantro.
- most important part, eat it with a spoon- it just makes it taste better!

Breakfast is usually free range organic eggs scrambled with Quality Bakery Bread toasted and smothered with organic butter, and for “second breakfast” either fruit and yogurt, a cup of miso soup, or yogurt and Highwood Crossing Granola. ~ Shelly