Monday, June 8, 2009

Patsy Pie Gluten-free FAN gets a PF-goodie-bag!

PatsyPie gets lots of Fan Mail. Here's a happy gluten-free customer from Edmonton.

"Kudos to PatsiePie for amazing chocolate chip cookies and brownies. I was amazed at how great they are. Other gluten-freen baking companies need to sit up and take notice of PatsiePie. Nothing else compares. You have the best store bought GF cookies and brownies I've ever tasted. Just like homemade, but faster! I look forward to discovering the taste of your other products. Congratulations on a fabulous product for Celiacs." ~ Candace K. Edmonton, Alberta

Thanks Candace, your PF-goodie-bag is on it's way!

We would love to hear from everyone, send us a note about your favorite Planet Foods product & where you found it. If we post it you get a PF-goodie-bag too! Send your story to and don't forget to include your address!

p.s. We like photos too!