Friday, June 5, 2009

Host an Green Book Party

Earth Friendly Books Do you ever find yourself walking endlessly through the local book shop wondering what's good a read? Below is a list of some environmental books that are on my current favourites list:
The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan
Silent Spring - Rachel CarsonThe Sacred Balance - David Suzuki
Stupid to the Last Drop - William Marsden
Garbage Land, On The Secret Trail of Trash - Elizabeth Royte
Ecoholic - Adria Vasiland
the book I've just started into: The Hundred-Year Lie - Randall Fitzgerald

Why not host an Enviro-Book Club for friends, family co-workers or neighbours? You’ll get to spend time with like-minded people who and they'll always be somethingto talk about! Remember to obtain your books sustainably - your local library, used bookstore or online at are all great places to start looking.You can even start your own 'lending library' at your place of work too!I know there are plenty more great environmental books out there so please let me know if there are any that you think are outstanding! I'm happy to add them to my list of 'must reads'. Until next week, live well, eat well and love one another! Cheers,Kerri