Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Autumn Equinox is today.  This means that we are at a perfect balance of night and day but will soon be moving into the darker months of winter.  Striving to maintain a balance in life when the days get shorter and it gets colder outside is difficult for some.  Hiding in the warm house eating heavy comfort foods becomes all too easy when the temperatures begin to plummet.

In October you will find Eco-Planet 7 whole Grain instant hot cereal on feature at many of your local grocers.  Starting off your day with a hot whole grain breakfast low in sodium and sugar will give you a bit more energy to get you through that dark ride to work.

Great mid-morning snacks like apples, will top off your hunger and keep you satisfied until noon.  Apples are in season now, have you tried some of the new varieties from your local farmers market.  Lemon/Lime apples are sweet and tart.  A personal favorite is the tried and true Mac.  There is a holiday coming up on September 26th.  Johnny Appleseed day.  Make sure to pack an apple and after your snack toss your seeds outside.  

For lunch a hearty bread as an open faced sandwich sporting goat cheese and shavings of cucumbers and slices of tomatoes.  Quality Bakery Bread is truly local bread.  Milled in Vulcan, baked in Invermere this traditionally fermented sourdough is made with out added yeasts and sugars.  It is what your grandma’s grandma’s grandma used to eat.  Quality Bakery Bread is twice baked for a longer life than we are used to seeing in bread.  It is hearty, and those with wheat intolerances will appreciate that 3 of the 4 varieties are wheat free.  Quality Bakery Bread will be on feature throughout October at your local market.

Women’s Health & Fitness day falls on September 30th.  Before you run off to that mid-morning yoga class, be sure to take King Island Coconut water with you to replenish all those electrolytes and give you the energy to make it through the class and truly enjoy that Savasana. King Island Coconut is also on feature in October at your local grocer or natural food store.

Take the time to make your meals at home.  Even if they are simple mid-week meals, eating something you prepare yourself eliminates the worries about what is hiding in the food, and lets you control your intake of salt, sugar, and fat.  For a quick boost of flavour without using salt, try some flavored olive oils and a splash of something acidic like citrus juice over your steamed veggies.  Twisted Pit Infused Olive Oils are 100% natural and full of flavour and healthy fats.  A little over some steamed or oven roasted veggies gives a great flavour of herbs and citrus.  Twisted Pit Olive Oils are also on feature at your local markets in October.  Ask your local grocer to introduce you to his Favorite.

For those dark nights when all you want to do is cuddle up under a big blanket and watch a movie think light snacks - low in fat and no sugar.  Popchips are an oil-less chip with all the crunch and flavour you need.  Steaz Zero Iced Teaz are a sweet drink but don’t’ flood your system with sugars.

Enjoy your Autumn, and stay healthy and happy.  It is the best time of the year!

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