Friday, August 19, 2011

Back To School - Healthy Breakfasts

It is time to start thinking about schedules, school supplies and healthy lunches that will fuel your children and facilitate in their learning.

Flax Oil is full of the sorts of fats that your child needs for a healthy immune system and it nourishes your nerves and your brain.  Here is a great way to hide a teaspoon of flax oil into your breakfasts everyday.

Highwood Crossing Organic Cold Press Flax Oil and Hearty Granola

 Add 1 teaspoon of Highwood Crossing cold pressed flax oil to yogurt and granola to give your children a great start to their day.

Highwood Crossing Flax Oil and Eco-Planet Gluten Free 7 Grain Instant Hot Cereal
Add a teaspoon of Highwood Crossing cold pressed flax oil to this Eco-Planet 7 whole grain instant hot cereal on mornings when you are pressed for time.  This option is great for celiac diets.

Sunny Boy Organic Hot Cereal

Add 1 teaspoon of Highwood Crossing cold pressed flax oil to your Sunny Boy Organic cereal.

When you have some extra time, blend some softened butter with a couple tablespoons of flax oil and let set in the fridge.  Use this to spread onto your Muffins or Pancakes.

Sunny Boy

Sunny boy has a wide range of pancake mixes including buttermilk.

Highwood Crossing 
Highwood Crossing makes a fantastic Pancake and Muffin Mix.  Add some natural sweeteners like Honey or Maple Syrup (see below) and you've got snacks and grab and go muffin breakfasts for your hungry rug rats.

Decacer Maple Syrup from  Quebec
Natural sweeteners like Decacer Maple Syrup give your growing kids added minerals instead of leaching them like refined sugars do.  Try making Waffles out of Canadian Wild Rice and smothering them in Flax oil butter and maple syrup.

Oh Canada Wild Rice Pancake mix from Manitoba is made with whole wheat  and wild Rice.  This is a great new twist on your traditional pancake and waffle mix.

These quick easy breakfasts are great for everyone not just kids.  I hope this gets you and your family off to a great start each day this fall.


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