Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February is Snack Food Month


One day after the US government issued its clearest and strongest statement on the need for Americans to eat less and better foods, the snack food lobby launched "National Snack Food Month" whose goal is to get us to eat more and worse....   read more at

But who really wants to cut out snacking??  Planet Foods offers many healthy alternatives for snacking.  Here are a few...

eco-planet organic and environmentally sound cookies & crackers

Covered Bridge Potato Chips
galerie au chocolat  Fair Trade chocolat 
Mrs. Palmer's Baked Pita Chips
Organic Fruit Flavored Marshmallows
popchips, love without the handles.
PatsyPie Gluten Free Cookies & Biscotti
ShaSha Co. Ginger Snap Cookies

Check out our product page to find more options to snack your way through February!

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