Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wold Snowshoe Championships ~ Syl Corbett

The World Snowshoe Invitational and Canadian Snowshoe Championships were held during the Olympics atop Grouse Mountain, BC. The event showcased a star studded field of international athletes. The 10k course was a challenging mix on steep ascent, descents and single track. The venue was a resounding hit gaining huge exposure for the sport and for the companies that endorsed the event. Kicking Horse, Ultima, Go Macro and Honey Stinger products were showcased at the forefront with center-stage attention. Such support was a key contributing factor to the enormous success of this world class competition. I was thrilled to come away with a bronze medal at the Worlds and retain the title of Canadian Snowshoe Champion. Fortunately, I too was fueled by these same sports nutrition products that endorsed the event. A win-win for all involved. Thanks so very much for your ongoing belief in my athletic career and your enhancement of the sporting world as a whole.


Rocky Mountain Training Academy
Syl Corbett